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Welcome to the kissing library!


Since 2015, we've been gathering small groups of friends, family and strangers to share their meaningful kisses.  Connecting us to joy and sorrow, each kissing story offers a portal into a unique life. From missed kisses to ones we long to revisit, these kissing stories explore family, friendship, romance, identity, politics and good old-fashioned fantasy.

You'll find a selection of the stories below. Check back regularly to listen and read more. And, if you're inspired...share your own! 


Winstan longs for a kiss he never had. Read full story.

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New body

Jensen anticipates a kiss in a new body. Read full story.

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New Year

Christina shares her New Year's philosophy.  Read full story.

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Long-time married couple Nick and Almuth share the beauty of mundanity.  Read full story

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Police lady

Nick recounts a kiss that was almost too good to be true. Read full story. Read full story.

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World cup

Del recalls the kiss of victory. Read full story

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Kay recalls an unexpected first kiss. Read full story.

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A passionate kiss in a famous Almodovar film enlightens Emilio. Read full story.

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Mario remembers kissing his grandmother In Haiti.   
Read full story.

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Kristina tells the story of a long awaited first kiss. Read full story.

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Abigail yearns for a past lover's kiss. Read the full story.

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Eyes open

Sam shares a memory of a kiss at aged 14. Read full story.

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Ariadne remembers a kinky kiss with a man in uniform. Read full story.

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Sophia finds comfort in a healing kiss.   Read full story.

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 Hugh reflects on the part nature played in his marriage.  Read full story.

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