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your kiss

We'd love to hear and/or read one of your stories and add it to the kissing project.

You can audio-record your kisses and send them as an Mp3 to:

What is the first kiss you remember?

What kiss changed you?

What kiss do you miss?   

What is your dream kiss?   

What kiss will you leave behind?

Recording tips:

  • invite someone (family, friend, stranger) to share a kissing story with you

  • audio-record using any device

  • background noise is fine, but try to make sure it isn't too loud, so we can hear you.

  • if you cannot audio-record a story, you can always write one and send it in.

 *By submitting your story, you agree that it becomes the property of Kissing Project.  This  means that you give Kissing Project the right to broadcast and share it online. You also acknowledge that, if your story is selected for the project, some of your information will be made public. You retain the rights to your story, but give us permission to use the recording.

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