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thousand kisses


one hundred

by Carolyn Defrin & Abigail Boucher

This audio-visual installation, commissioned by the Albany theatre, premiered at Deptford Lounge in London in November 2019.

It featured original poetry, provocative kissing questions and a hotline for library patrons to call in and listen to local Deptford stories.

Created in collalboration with composer, Mikhail Fiksel.

Image design by Tom McDowell.

Kissing hotline
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one hundred thousand kisses

by Carolyn Defrin

In this rubble rust red heartbreak time of tumult 

grows a movement of remembering
of a hundred thousand kisses that you gave me and a hundred thousand more

I’ve yet to give

this shape will shift 

these holes will hold

and a healing will become me

in the meantime

in the waiting, willing wanting time

let my forensic heart shine light and show that even just one hundred thousandth
of a kiss
burns brighter than a bomb

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