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kissing rebellion

by Carolyn Defrin & Abigail Boucher

Kissing Rebellion  is an original theatre production commissioned by Ovalhouse in London that premiered in November 2019 as part of the theatre's closing 'demolition' season.

Exploring the impact of global crises and personal heartbreaks, the show weaves together original audio-recorded stories of important kisses with dance, text, and music.

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made in collaboration with

movement director: Matthew Rawcliffe

scenic designer: Connor Bowmott

lighting designer: Joe Hornsby

composer/sound designer: Mikhail Fiksel

asst. sound designer: Fanis Sakellariou

asst. director: Matthew Ryding

producing Manager: Ashleigh Bowmott


Karen Callaghan, Carolyn Defrin, Luke Elliot, Manjushri Jones, Olivier Leclair, Matthew Rawcliffe, Juliette Tellier, Yemurai Zvaraya

videos filmed and edited by Rosie Powell (with additional archival footage by Winstan Whitter)

photography by Alessandra Davison

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5 stars!

"a very special piece of theatre"

                                              -Spy in the Stalls

"A standout point in this performance is the diversity in both its’ performers and the stories that they tell"

-Upper Circle

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